Crescent Medical Aid Kenya is a Non-Governmental Organisation which has been operating outpatient clinics since 1976 on a not for profit and charitable basis.

Apart from the provision of preventive and curative services we are also providing primary healthcare services, maternal child health, child survival and HIV/AIDS services.

An average of 10,000 patients are being treated at our clinics monthly. There is a daily feeding programme for orphaned and destitute children in the Pumwani Clinic. We also provide free medical treatment to some of the aged residents of the slums where our clinics are situated.

We Appeal to both the local and international institutions for financial assistance and/or donation of medical supplies and equipment which form the bulk of our expenditure.

The poor, the disabled and the aged need our services.
Help us to help them.



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Crescent Medical Aid Kenya is a Not for Profit making Charitable Organisation