Crescent Medical Aid was inaugurated in 1976 with the establishment of the firstPhoto-18 out-patient clinic in Nairobi, Kenya.

The organisation owes its existence to the vision and foresightedness of the founder and late Chairman, Dr.M.A. Haq who devoted much of his time on voluntary basis to enlist the support of other members of the community in the expansion, management and running of the not for profit making charitable organisation.

The current Board of Governors consists of successful businessmen and professionals who provide their services to the organisation on  honorary basis and are keen to improve the services at the clinics.

Currently there are Six out-patient clinics which are supported by laboratories,  ophthalmology services, ambulance and dental units located at our Pangani, Jamia Towers, Jamia Plaza, Mukuru, Park Road and Korogocho Clinics.

The procurement and distribution of medicines and drugs is carried out at the organisation'sPhoto-19 central pharmacy which also caters for retail sales to members of the public.

Status and Recognition

Crescent Medical Aid Kenya is registered with the Kenya Government as a Non Governmental Organisation under the NGOs Co-ordination Act of 1990. We are recognised by the following :-

  1. National Council for Population and Development, Ministry of Home Affairs and National Heritage.
  2. Director of Medical Services, Ministry of Health.
  3. Saudi Embassy, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  4. National AIDS Control Programme. Ministry of Health
  5. World Health Organisation/Global Programme on AIDS.
  6. Jamia Mosque Committee.
  7. Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims.
  8. City Commission of Nairobi.
  9. Global Partners for Development, USA.
  10. Direct Relief International, USA.
  11. Maahad Daawah Organisation
  12. Ummah Foundation


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Crescent Medical Aid Kenya is a Not for Profit making Charitable Organisation